martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Check this exclusive near 20 minute full sampler of the Hitfarmers brand new album.

Hitfarmers “Conquering The Throne” – released March 21st 2010

Tracklist and Feature-list

1. Prelude To A Sequel (feat. Rasul & Chinch 33)
2. The Tables Turn (feat. Adlib, Kasper & W.A.R.P.A.T.H.)
3. Joining Forces (featuring L.I.F.E. Long, IDE, Respect The God, Critical, Alucard & Jise Of The Arsonists)
4. Game Time (feat. The Underclassmen)
5. International Selection (feat. Emskee)
6. Chapter 1 Skit
7. One Shot (feat. EQ, Jugganaut & Sick Since)
8. My Word (feat. Block McCloud of Brooklyn Academy)
9. This Is Hip Hop (feat. Ciph Barker)
10. U Don`t Know Me (feat. Mr. Malchau)
11. Once Again (feat. Mesidge)
12. Classic Hits (feat. Randam Luck)
13. Quiet Storm (feat. Braille)
14. By Any Means (feat. J-Spliff)
15. Storming The Castle (feat. Nervous Wreck & Blak Philly)
16. Chapter 2 Skit
17. Hustlers Wish (feat. Mar`z & Big Left of La Coka Nostra)
18. Motivate (feat. Brown Bag Allstars)
19. Sound Of Invasion (feat. Contribution X)
20. Doap Sick (feat. Doap Nixon of AOTP & Sick Six)
21. Pitch Black (feat. W.A.R.P.A.T.H.)


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