lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014


01. Guerrilla Oscura 2014
02. Dond´Ta (produced by Kwervo)
03. Primer Tiro (produced by Kwervo)
04. Destined To Come ft. Lethal P & Onse TSW (Prod. by Righteouz Knight)
05. Cachorros (prod. by Morning Star)
06. No la mires (prod. by Explicito)
07. Cosa Latina (prod. by PiArt)
08. Demonio Enfermo (prod. by Peste)
09. Candela
10. Half Nelson Ft. Kwervo, Katha & Zonah
11. Salud Ft. The Jotaka Perverse & Explicito [Prod. by Explicito]
12. Shoot Flame
13. Mal de ojo ft. Repthum
14. Cueva del Lobo (prod. by Kwervo)
15. Curare (prod by Kachin)
16. Sekta Pirata Con Katha , Brownlucci & SAI (Prod. By Explicito Cutz Dj Joon)

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lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014


01.Luzid - Nonsense
02.Broken Poetry - Opening
03.DogMan - DogMan of Street Souls
04.DJ Premier - Problems Or Peace f. Kool G. Rap
05.Broken Dialect - Cope In The Shire
06.Mike K´llejero - One For The Love (Ft. Spiri2)
07.Chambersquad - Watch Ya Wig
08.SAI - Curare
09.The Jotaka & Katha ft. Paula Medrano - Solo Con Mi Tristeza (Prod. Explicito)
10.Torner Trauma - Reglas del Rap
11.Rook Da Rukus - Dead and Bury Feat. Simon Roofless
12.Musical Junkies - I Know ( Feat. Jayne Doe )
13.Bliss - New World Water
14.The Society of Invisibles - Breakin Bad
15.Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Spit Gemz, Shaz Illyork & Homeboy Sandman - Panic In The Hall
16.The Cypher Effect - Oh Blimey - Lana Shea - GermFree - Ashley Dominique - Medusa
17.Budu - A la carrera del infierno
18.Chapa Blasfemo - Tiempos Duros ft. Katha & SAI

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