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KEKO - notable sounds vol 2


Imperial Skillz Empera & Sick Jacken - Tha Emperor & Tha Assassin 2009 Blend


Release Day : Oktober 12th 2009
days of work : 4 days
Size : 80 MBs
Bitrate : 256 Kbit/s
Blend of Album : Dj Muggs & Sick Jacken Released in 2007

All BLends re produced & mixed by Imperial Skillz Empera aka Imbrator of Tha Horrorcore

i ve done these blends for 2 Reasons

* Loving this bangin Album the Legend of the Mask & the assassin , major respect to muggs and jacken

as always representin the real .

big up to all Soul assassin & Sick Symphonies Soldiers

* Giving Life to some beats that are not used in my upcoming 6 Albums

- Symphony of Sickness ( Symphony in all Forms ) Feat more than 50 Artists Soon in your CD Player


- Empire of S.Words ( Strictly Shaolin Style )

- Pure MElancholy ( Melancholy in strict sense of the word )

- Imperial Skillz & Siklon ( MADNESS )

- Imperial Skillz Empera ISM VOL 6 ( no name )

Peace to all Underground Heads in the Globe

and Support tha Fam

mad respect to Perfecta for doing tha cover

La Coka Nostra - Nuclear Medicinemen ft. Immortal Technique & Q-Unique (SNOWGOONS RMX)

Holocaust & American Poets 2099 - Theatre of Pain tracklist

1. Stand – feat Holocaust (prod. by DJ Woool)
2. Sayonara Blues – feat Holocaust, Nova Kane and Ace Gauntlit (prod. by Ace Gauntlit)
3. Punch Your Face In – feat Nova Kane, Holocaust and Pro The Leader (prod. by Thanos for LXG)
4. Thursday – feat Holocaust (prod. by Prime Music)
5. Fancy Boxing – feat Pro The Leader, Holocaust, Judah Priest, Nova Kane, Dungeon Masta, and Storm da Ghetto Mutant (prod. by White Lotus)
6. Dark Stormz – feat Boot Face, Pro The Leader, Weapon X, Nova Kane and Holocaust (prod. by X-P)
7. Chamber of Poets – feat Holocaust, Fes Taylor, Ace Gauntlit, Nova Kane, Phil Anastasia, Pro The Leader and GS Advance of Shadow Clan (prod. by Gifted Glitch)
8. Nas Diss – feat Holocaust (prod. by Falling Down)
9. Introducing Chaos – feat 60 Second Assassin, Buddha Monk, Dopestyle, Pro The Leader, Jus-P of Shadow Clan and Holocaust (prod. by Gifted Glitch)
10. Rebel Hip Hop – feat Timbo King, Pro The Leader, Dopestyle and Holocaust (prod. by Prime Music)
11. Gun Grave – feat Holocaust (prod. by Prime Music)
12. Lost Scrolls of Atlantis – feat C-Rayz Walz, Atlantis Scrolls, G-Clef da Mad Komposa, Pro The Leader and Holocaust (prod. by Atlantis Scrolls)
13. Sharp Splinters – feat Holocaust, Pro The Leader, Weapon X and Dopestyle (prod. by X-P)
14. Rusted Hearts – feat Pro The Leader, White Lotus, Nova Kane and Holocaust (prod. by White Lotus)
15. Hounds – feat Holocaust and Dopestyle (prod. by DJ Woool)
16. Gun Sword – feat Holocaust, Ace Gauntlit, Atlantis Scrolls, Watt of Shadow Clan, and G-Clef da Mad Komposa (prod. by Ace Gauntlit)
17. Cold Hearted Orb – feat Holocaust and Dopestyle (prod. by Dig Dug)
18. Cleopatra – feat Holocaust, Atlantis Scrolls and King Just (prod. by Atlantis Scrolls)
19. Where are You Walking? – feat Holocaust (prod. by White Lotus)
20. What Can the Matter Be (remix) feat Holocaust (prod. by Q Money Beats)
21. Bonus Track – Domination – feat Irie 1, Pro The Leader, Holocaust, & Mic Moses (prod. by Gifted Glitch)

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AOTP 3: The Unholy Terror album coming soon! out November 24th.

Army Of The Pharaohs-Godzilla


Army Of The Pharaohs-Contra Mantra

Snowgoons - The Trojan Horse (2009)

1. The Trojan Horse ft Savage Brothers
2. King Kong ft Reef The Lost Cauze & Young De
3. Hey Young World ft. La Coka Nostra & Heltah Skeltah
4. Krush University ft. Krush Unit & Freestyle
5. Git Cha Gully Up ft Outerspace
6. Full Force ft Block McCLoud, King Syze, Faez One & Sifu Versus
7. Hate On Me ft Krumb Snatcha & M-Dot
8. Make Way ft. Buckshot, Reef The Lost Cauze & Chief Kamachi
9. Goons Stampede ft Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Reks & Sicknature
10. The Limit ft. Viro The Virus
11. He Sold Out ft. Lord Lhus
12. The Ill Bunch ft. Tribeca, Nut-Rageous & Termanology
13. The Time Is Now ft D-Stroy, Freestyle & Sicknature
14. Valley Of Death ft Block McCloud, Sabac Red, LordWillin
15. Scar Sculpture ft Virtuoso & Young Haze
16. I Did Everything ft Qualm (Savage Brothers), Darkskinned Assassin & Lord Lhus
17. Cross The Line ft Young Haze
18. Survive The Mess ft El Da Sensei & Kaze
19. Man In The Mirror ft Nut-Rageous

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Mathematics (Presents) - Badluck [2006]

01: Intro
02: Reckless
03: Gangsta Shit
04: Get @ Me
05: Tranzitionz
06: Stack 'N Paper
07: Streets Of New York (S.O.N.Y)
08: It Was Luck
09: Early Grave
10: U Say U Gangsta
11: State My Claim
12: What Da World


Killa Sin - Deadly Sinz (Mixtape) [2009]

01. Dressed to Kill (Verse)
02. And Justice For All (Ft. RZA & Method Man)
03. Burning Season (Ft. 9th Prince)
04. Soul In The Hole (Ft. Timbo King & Tekitha)
05. Soldiers Of Darkness (Verse)
06. Universal Soldiers (Verse)
07. Have Mercy (Ft. La the Darkman)
08. Real Live Shit (Ft. Ghostface & Cappadonna)
09. Moaning (Ft. Killah Priest)
10. Full Moon (Verse)
11. Swinging Swords (Verse)
12. La Rhumba (Ft. RZA & Method Man)
13. Young Godz (Verse)
14. War Face (Verse)
15. Heist of the century (Ft. La The Darkman)
16. Fair, Love, War (Verse)
17. Spazzola (Ft. Method Man, Raekwon & Inspectah Deck)
18. Wake Up (Verse)
19. 9th Chamber (Ft. Inspectah Deck, Streetlife & La the Darkman)
20. Dart Tournament (Ft. Blue Raspberry)
21. The Cookout (Verse)
22. Galactics (Verse)
23. The Shoot Out (Verse)
24. Wu-Tang Line Up (Ft. Method Man, Raekwon & Inspectah Deck)
25. 5 Stages of Consciousness (Verse)
26. Hood Life (Ft. Masta Killa)
27. Framed (Ft. Inspectah Deck & Kool G Rap)
28. Monster (Verse)
29. Where I Rest At (Verse)
30. Feel It (Verse)
31. Giant Size (Ft. Raekwon)
32. Wu-Renegades (Verse)
33. Pain (Verse)
34. Whatever We Want (Verse)
35. Strawberry (Ft. Ghostface)
36. Lay Down (Verses)
37. The Worst (Ft. Raekwon)
38. Street Monopoly (Verse)
39. The Bronzeman (Verse)
40. East MC's (Ft. Masta Killa)
41. Murder Venue (Verse)
42. Gunz N Razors (Ft. Ghostface)
43. The Rule (Verse)
44. War Games (Verse)
45. Fools (Ft. RZA)
46. Serving Justice (Ft. Dom Pachino)
47. Not Enuff Godz (Verse)
48. Power Cypha Freestyle (Ft. Inspectah Deck)
49. Flame Throwerz (Verse)
50. Pete Rock & Marley Marl Freestyle (Verse)
51. Killarmy Freestyle (Verse)
52. Stop The Breaks (Ft. Raekwon, KRS-One & Notorious B.I.G.)


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El Discipulo Hip Hop en Serio 2009

Hip Hop en serio es el nombre de esta mas reciente produccion del Discipulo un mc cubano con mucho talento, esta produccion ha sido de el a mi entender la mejor la que mas me ha gustado cuenta con 18 track cuenta con colaboracion como de costumbre con Papa Humbertico, Anderson tambien participaron Soandry del grupo Hermanos de Causa, El B del grupo los Aldeanos , el Dike y el Lapiz.

Descargar Aqui

link gracias a Mvsolio

Soldier Squad El Alma de un soldado

Aqui tienen un trabajo de Soldier Squad titulado El Alma de un Soldado el album ta bueno cuenta con muy buenos beat.

links gracias Mvsolio

Descargar Aqui

Lapiz Musica Con Sentido

Aqui tiene esta produccion de DJ Lapiz un mc y productor cubano muy reconocido integrante tambien de Soldier Squard este trabajo se titula Musica Con Sentido, esta muy bueno me gusto mucho este album conto con colaboraciones de Papa Humbertico, Aldo, Discipulo entre otros.

Descargar Aqui

Basyco Base y Contenido

Base y contenido es una vista previa al trabajo que se realiza en VinilHRecords, lugar donde Gbec alberga las producciones de grupos como AltoStanding, Supremacy HHC, y Mc´s como Lil´Supa y RAYONE.

BASYCO solo espera ser una herramienta de expresión para los rap-escucha que piden ser representados bajo la premisa del hip hop puro, y busca abrir caminos alternativos en un contexto musical de fundamentos básicos. La grabación, reproducción y distribución de este material se ha hecho de forma independiente. ".

Descargar Base y Contenido Aqui

Necro - The Human Traffic King (White Slavery Pt. 2) - Directed by Necro

Assistant Director: Bryan Andre
Camera man: Russian Chris
Lighting: NYFA kid
Helper: Isabella
Thanks to the other NYFA kids that helped

What this video and song is about:

Human trafficking is the illegal commerce and trade of people. The victims of human trafficking are used for prostitution, forced labor (including bonded labor or debt bondage) and other forms of involuntary servitude.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, with the total annual revenue for trafficking in persons estimated to be between USD$5 billion and $9 billion. The Council of Europe states, "People trafficking has reached epidemic proportions over the past decade, with a global annual market of about $42.5 billion. Trafficking victims typically are recruited using coercion, deception, fraud, the abuse of power, or outright abduction.

No other rapper in hiphop history has touched on this subject in depth except Necro. Necro prides himself on being original and exploring subjects others fear.

This video can either entertain you, or actually help you, you decide how to interpret it!!!!!!!


Black Market Militia (Presents) William Cooper - Beware Of The Pale Horse (Snippets) [2009]

1. The Day Of Light [Snippet]
2. In America (feat. Killah Priest & Hell Razah (of Sunz Of Man)) [Snippet]
3. Bring It Back (feat. 9th Prince (of Killarmy) & Nature) [Snippet]
4. One Roll Of The Dice [Snippet]
5. Still Shinning (feat. Killah Priest (of Sunz Of Man)) [Snippet]
6. Salutations (What's Real) [Snippet]
7. Song Cry [Snippet]
8. Pray For Me [Snippet]
9. Heaven [Snippet]
10. Free (feat. Stoneface & Majesty) [Snippet]
11. Feel Afraid [Snippet]
12. Beware Of The Pale Horse (feat. Ill Bill (of La Coka Nostra)) [Snippet]
13. J. W. Booth [Snippet]
14. Megalif [Snippet]
15. Bust My Gun [Snippet]
16. Cocaine Israelites (feat. Killah Priest (of Sunz Of Man)) [Snippet]
17. American Gangsters (feat. Kool G Rap) [Snippet]
18. No Retreat No Surrender (feat. Blue Raspberry, Bloodsport, Stoneface & Majesty) [Snippet]

Download (by Cuban-Linx)

Sick Side Army Mixtape Volume 1 (2008)

Size: 163 Mb, Quality: 160 Kbps

01 Intro/At The Crossroads 3:41 Transcend
02 Street Are Hot 3:14 Sicko Soldado ft Krazy Race
03 Guerilla 3:03 GRIME
04 Killing Fields 5:10 Contribution X
05 Conspiracy Theory 4:34 Lost Children Of Babylon
06 Live From 1600 remix 5:28 3/5 Human
07 Numbers 5:20 Thief Sicario
08 Tyrants/Attack The Barracks 5:55 The Enemy Rebellion/Prawgress
09 Opaque 2:09 Mangle Face
10 The Last Hour 4:08 Krazy Race ft Global City
11 805ITH 3:03 M1ND ORIGINAL
12 Real Soldier Shit 3:25 Macehual ft Brown Plague
13 Heavens Cry 3:22 SANTOTZIN
14 Sick Minded 3:15 Fdubs One ft Sly Flow, Heist
15 Rebel Minded 3:31 Truth
16 Land Of The Gritty 4:06 SICK SIDE ARMY
17 The Time Has Come/S.S.
Tribute 10:03 SICK SIDE ARMY
18 P.O.O.R.
(Power Over Our Race) 5:37 The Detour
19 Stomp You Out 2:32 Nervous Wreck ft Scrollgod Fuse
20 Nos Conecta 3:29 Gramo ft Sekreto
21 Skillz Murder 5:19 Verbal System
22 Psycho Phonky 3:56 Casa Del Phonky
23 Bela/Allegiance & Defiance 6:34 SICK SIDE
24 War Kites/2 Die For 5:01 SICK SIDE ARMY
25 Follow The Gun/Train Wrek 6:38 Abangatang/The Detour
26 Enemies Mourn You 4:25 Thief Sicario ft Bad News
27 Never Die 4:26 Lost Children Of Babylon
28 Build 3:12 Contribution X ft Killah Priest
29 Knucklesandwich (Snowgoons Remix) 4:01 Nervous Wreck ft Chino Xl, Snowgoons
30 Grab You Gas Mask (Reck's Remix) 3:47 Brown Bonez
31 West Side 3:49 Bad News
32 La Mierda/Outro 5:20 Dorsey Sick Joker ft MC Luka/SANTOTZIN



Sick Side Army Mixtape Volume 2 (2008)

Size: 161 Mb, Quality: 160 Kbps

1 Intro_At The Crossroads
2 Street Are Hot
3 Guerilla
4 Killing Fields
5 Conspiracy Theory
6 Live From 1600 remix
7 Numbers
8 Tyrants_Attack The Barracks
9 Opaque
10 The Last Hour
11 805ITH
12 Real Soldier Shit
13 Heavens Cry
14 Sick Minded
15 Rebel Minded
16 Land Of The Gritty
17 The Time Has Come_Sick Symphonies
18 P[1].O.O.R. (Power Over Our Race)
19 Stomp You Out
20 Nos Conecta
21 Skillz Murder
22 Psycho Phonky
23 KaraKefenKaraBela_Allegiance & Defiance
24 War Kites_2 Die For
25 Follow The Gun_Train Wrek
26Enemies Mourn You
27 Never Die
28 Build
29 Knucklesandwich (Snowgoons Remix)
30 Grab You Gas Mask (Reck's Remix)
31 West Side
32 La Mierda_Outro




Can + Zoo - Indigo

Can+Zoo integrado por Canserbero y Lil Supa, grupo Venezolanos, ahora recientemente lanzaron su produccion Indigos que esta muy pero muy buena, tiene buena metrica, buenos beats, bajo la produccion de Randy Acozta, Afromak, Kputo y Gbec, bajo el sello Vinilh Records.

01. ìNDIGO - Canserbero
02. El Kampesino
03. Fin De Mundo (Feat. LIL SUPA, REKESON, APACHE)
04. Ni De Oro Ni De Goldfield
05. Corazones De Piedra
06. Explota El Micro (Feat. ARDILLA & LA ZAGA)
07. Cuando Vayas Conmigo
08. 1era Sinfonía (Feat. RAYONE & LIL' SUPA)
09. Zoo
10. Les Guste O No (Feat. LIL' SUPA)
11. On Da Top (Feat. LIL' SUPA & KAPU)
12. Visiones (feat. FUNDàMENTORS)
13. La Voz
14. El Mundo Ya Se Acabo
15. Canto Hardcore (Feat. RAYONE & LIL' SUPA)
16. ¿A Donde Se fue La Conciencia? (Feat. FUNDàMENTORS)
17. 1-2, 2-1
18. De Mi Pa Usted (Feat. FUNDÁMENTORS)
20. Mañana Será Otro Día
22. Simple (Bonus Track) - FUNDàMENTORS

Can + Zoo - Indigo

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Canserbero - Mañana sera otro día (Video) Venezuela

Dungeon Masta (Prasents) - Da Dirty Clanzmen - Meet Da Family Vol. 1 [2009]

Выровнять по центру
01: Ole Man Trouble (Intro)
02: Dungeon Masta & Struxx Denali - 4 Real (Freestyle)
03: Sunofsam - Chemistry Dartz
04: Uno - Da One 4 You
05: Rugz - Da Final Headache
06: Dungeon Masta & F.Y.B.A. - Ain't Going Nowhere
07: Realms of Reality - Lay Me Down
08: Da Goldminerz - Enough is Enough
09: GLM Peepz - Solar Azzwhippin
10: Hasani Lateef - Ode to Hip-Hop
11: General Lee Major - 2 Live In Peace
12: G Tee-Shotta - Not A Game
13: Haywire & Mikos - Smoking You
14: Dungeon Masta & Ern Dawgy - I Believe
15: Da Roachez - Earthquake Musik
16: Sunofsam - Life Iz A Blessin
17: Uno - Survival
18: Caligula, Shabazz Da Disciple & Hell Razah - Godz Violence
19: Da Goldminerz - Rappers Get Caught
20: Struxx Denali - Where My Hustlers At
21: Lex aka BiPolar - Adios
22: Mic Mountain & Yougi - Think of Ya


Hawk & Kryme - Exit 13 [2008]

02.KRYME LIFE - Put Work In
03.TOMMY WHISPERS - I Ain't Playin
04.HAWK & KRYME - This Is What Is It
06.KRYME LIFE - Everywhere
07.HAWK & KRYME - Thump feat. GLO
08.KRYME LIFE - Ol Glory
10.HAWK & KRYME - Overdose feat. TRIFE DA GOD
11.TOMMY WISPERS - Mask Hoodies
12.KRYME LIFE - The Apple
13.HAWK & KRYME - Progress
14.KRYME LIFE - Who Fooled You
16.KRYME LIFE - Screwed Up
17.TOMMY WHISPERS - Sweet, Sexy, Lovely And Hot

Graveyard Shifter - Record High [2009]

01. Prince Grave
02. All I Do
03. Gunz And Extortions
04. Just Like You
05. Industry In The Making
06. Evil Conscience
07. Down Chick
08. Big City
09. No Sunshine
10. The Loser
11. Close Curtains


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Si-klon -Mixtape Compilation 05/08

Free Download

feat decipher , rpm . righetous knight , imperial skillz empera , safardic , kaniero , poetic death , lethal wisdom , redemption , shadow and more

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MC Hitler Feat Notorious B.I.G


King Magnetic - Brrr-aat!!!



Gage-One - Dead_Angel-The_Gospel 2009

01) (03:17) Dead Angel (Original Version) (Ft. Holocaust)
02) (04:05) The Gospel (Original Version)
03) (03:31) Black Out (Ft. Trust, Deewuallah, Ripshop)
04) (03:26) Dead Angel (Mentalz Mix) (Ft. Holocaust, Rheto)
05) (04:09) The Gospel (Broken Ribz Remix)
06) (03:37) Dead Angel (Prophetic Mix) (Ft. Holocaust)
07) (04:14) The Gospel (Flesh Of My Flesh Remix)
08) (03:30) Dead Angel (12 Jewelz Remix) (Ft. Holocaust, Aslan)


U-God Magnum Force Wu Corp Blends 2009


Bert & Ernie rapping MOP's Ante Up


Someone mentioned it before with regard to the Biggie vs. Hitler video. So here's Bert & Ernie from the Sesame Street rapping MOP's Ante Up.

Anabolic - Wu-Fam Corp Various Tracks [2009]

12345 Newest.mp3
I Who Have Nothing Final.mp3
In Sane In The Fdame.mp3
Merk U Done.mp3
Desgraciado (prod. Anabolic).mp3
Diferent Nation Same Reality (prod.Anabolic).mp3
Real Recognize Real (prod. Anabolic).mp3
Sword Swivels (prod. Anabolic).mp3
Are You Afraid Of The Dark (prod. Anabolic).mp3
I Feel (prod. Anabolic).mp3
Lyrical Statement (prod. Anabolic).mp3
Midevil Madness (prod. Anabolic).mp3
Fallen Kings (feat. Lotus Chief) (prod. Anabolic).mp3


PLZ, Help find this album: Anabolic - Bad Taste Joint
i who have nothing final
12345 newest
link done
merk u done
denku interlude
schulzka (partial.1)
shell shock done
fuck a fake hood herb
i feel

Dreddy Kruger (Presents) 67 Mob - Raising The Bar [2009]

1. You Don’t Even Know
2. Raising The Bar (feat. Cutty Ranks)
3. Keep It Movin’ (feat. Buckshot)
4. Any Contender (feat. Masta Killa)
5. Beast
6. Poison String Masquerade (feat. AZ)
7. Bensonhurst Skit
8. Let The Games Begin (feat. Sean Price)
9. Archie Bunker Meets Sammy Davis Jr. Skit
10. Mob Ride
11. Backbreaker
12. Chasin’ The High
13. Legendary (feat. Kool G Rap)
14. Gun Barrel Keys (feat. Bronze Nazareth & Canibus)
15. Fastlane
16. Rain On My Parade
17. Survivin’ This Game (Feat. Bronze Nazareth, Phillie & Killah Priest)
18. Rude Awakening
19. Get That Now (feat. Planet Asia)
20. No Ez Way Out


Dub Floyd - A Nightmare On Your Street Week 2 (2009)

1. (00:03:04) Dub Floyd - A.N.O.Y.S. (Intro) (Prod. by The Apple Juice Kid) - Phene - All About The Wu (Wu-Tang Clan Tribute)
2. (00:03:36) Dub Floyd - Raekwon - House Of Flying Daggers (Ft. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah & Method Man) (Prod. by J Dilla)
3. (00:03:09) Dub Floyd - Marky - Ain’t Nuthin To F-ck Wit
4. (00:04:22) Dub Floyd -
5. (00:02:35) Dub Floyd - TreaZon - No Tearz (illRoots.com Exclusive)
6. (00:03:00) Dub Floyd - Raekwon - 10 Bricks (Ft. Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah) (Prod. By J. Dilla)
7. (00:03:05) Dub Floyd - Vibes - Live As It Gets (Ft. Royce Da 5′9”) (Produced By Trackfiends)
8. (00:02:49) Dub Floyd - Old Money - Rza’s Rings (illRoots.com Exclusive)
9. (00:03:11) Dub Floyd - Raekwon - Kiss The Ring (Ft. Inspectah Deck & Masta Killa) (Prod. by Scram Jones)
10. (00:04:08) Dub Floyd - Phoenix Jones & Donny Arcade - We Made It ‘09 (Prod. by DJ Chong Wizard)
11. (00:02:47) Dub Floyd - Raekwon - Walk Wit Me (Prod. By Scram Jones)
12. (00:02:47) Dub Floyd - Che Grand - Cash Rules
13. (00:02:41) Dub Floyd - Ghostface Killah - Love 101 (Ft. Talib Kweli)(ScreaMixx) (Prod. by Garbs Infinite)
14. (00:02:23) Dub Floyd - Ghostface Killah - Stapleton Sex
15. (00:00:58) Dub Floyd - L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Uncarcerated Scarface
16. (00:04:13) Dub Floyd - Black Sunn - 4eva (This IsGO) (Prod. by Damu The Fudgemunk)
17. (00:02:45) Dub Floyd - Ghostface Killah - Cruisin’
18. (00:03:00) Dub Floyd - Raekwon - Ason Jones (ODB Tribute) (Prod. J. Dilla
19. (00:01:29) Dub Floyd - Ghostface Killah - Astro (Ft. Trife) (ScreaMixx) (Prod. by Objektiv One)
20. (00:03:39) Dub Floyd - D.Roof - There’s Hope (Ft. Garbs Infinite and Soul Kryziz)(Prod. by Garbs Infinite)
21. (00:02:50) Dub Floyd - Flex Mathews - Just Gunnin’ (Prod. by DJ Metaphysical)
22. (00:02:13) Dub Floyd - Raekwon - The Badlands (Ft. Ghostface Killah)
23. (00:03:08) Dub Floyd - Marky - Cherchez La Mark
24. (00:03:46) Dub Floyd - Raekwon - Wu Ohhh (Ft. Method Man & Ghostface Killah)

Ives Irie (from Delinquent Habits) - Unreleased frustration

01 Frustrated
02 Ives Irie
03 Bomb green
04 Searching the sky
05 Street missionary
06 I might fall
07 When I get high
08 East Side freestyle
09 Nachosyle



TITLE….: Wordplay Master (Hosted By J-Love)
YEAR…..: 2008
LABEL….: n/a
CAT.NO…: n/a
GANRE….: Hip-Hop
TIME…..: 79:51 min
SIZE…..: 85,0 MB
QUALITY..: VBRkbps/44,1kHz/Joint-Stereo
ENCODER..: Lame 3.97
RLS.DATE.: 2009/10/02
WEBSITE..: www.j-loveonline.com


01) GZA-Fame (Remix)
02) GZA-Clan In Da Front
03) GZA-I Gotcha Back
04) GZA ft. Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa & Ol’ Dirty Bastard-Duel Of The Iron Mic
05) GZA ft. RZA-Third World
06) GZA-When The Fat Lady Sings
07) GZA ft. Method Man-Shadowboxin
08) GZA ft. Inspectah Deck & D’Angelo-Cold World Remix
09) GZA-Paper Plate
10) GZA-Alphabet
11) GZA ft. Inspectah Deck & Masta Killa-Breaker Breaker Remix
12) GZA ft. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, Method Man & U-God-Hammer
13) GZA ft. Ghostface Killah, RZA & Killah Priest-4th Chamber
14) GZA-Liquid Swords
15) GZA ft. Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Method Man-As High As Wu-Tang Get
16) GZA ft. Killah Priest-Beneath The Surface
17) GZA ft. Inspectah Deck & Masta Killa-Street Corner
18) GZA-Publicity
19) GZA ft. Raekwon, Method Man & U-God-The W
20) GZA-The Genius Is Slammin’
21) GZA ft. RZA-Pass The Bone
22) GZA ft. Ol’ Dirty Bastard-Take It Back To Brooklyn
23) GZA ft. Ol’ Dirty Bastard-Made In The USA
24) GZA ft. Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck & U-God-Watch Your Mouth
25) GZA ft. Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Cappadonna-9mm Brothers
26) GZA ft. RZA-Head Rush
27) GZA ft. Wu-Tang Clan-Reunited



ARTIST…: Inspectah Deck
TITLE….: Swordplay Expert (Hosted By J-Love)
YEAR…..: 2008
LABEL….: n/a
CAT.NO…: n/a
GANRE….: Hip-Hop
TIME…..: 79:50 min
SIZE…..: 78,1 MB
QUALITY..: VBRkbps/44,1kHz/Joint-Stereo
ENCODER..: Lame 3.97
RLS.DATE.: 2009/10/01
WEBSITE..: n/a


01) Inspectah Deck-Swordplay
02) Inspectah Deck-Night Shift
03) Inspectah Deck-The City
04) Inspectah Deck-R.E.C. Room
05) Inspectah Deck-What They Want
06) Inspectah Deck-Tru Master
07) Inspectah Deck-Above The Clouds Ft. Gangstarr
08) Inspectah Deck-Tres Leches Ft. Prodigy & Big Pun
09) Inspectah Deck-Cream Ft. Raekwon & Method Man
10) Inspectah Deck-Protect Ya Neck Ft. Wu-Tang Clan
11) Inspectah Deck-Triumph Ft. Wu-Tang Clan
12) Inspectah Deck-Duel Of The Iron Mic Ft. GZA & Masta Killa
13) Inspectah Deck-Mr Sandman Ft. RZA & Method Man
14) Inspectah Deck-Guillotine Ft. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & GZA
15) Inspectah Deck-Semi Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket Ft. U-God
16) Inspectah Deck-Let Me At Them
17) Inspectah Deck-S.O.S. Ft. Street Life
18) Inspectah Deck-Make A Move
19) Inspectah Deck-Breaker Breaker Remix Ft. Masta Killa & GZA
20) Inspectah Deck-Play IV Keeps Ft. Method Man, Street Life & Mobb De
21) Inspectah Deck-Lovin You Ft. LA The Darkman
22) Inspectah Deck-Framed Ft. Kool G Rap & Killa Sin
23) Inspectah Deck-A Lil Story
24) Inspectah Deck-Thug World Ft. RZA
25) Inspectah Deck-Watch Your Mouth Ft. Wu-Tang Clan
26) Inspectah Deck-Rap Burglars Ft. Raekwon
27) Inspectah Deck-Lifes Hectic Ft. Raekwon
28) Inspectah Deck-He’s A Rebel
29) Inspectah Deck-Settlement


Enjoy this tape of the most underrated mc of all times



Snowgoons - Hey young world [Feat. La Coka Nostra&Heltah Skeltah] (2009)

The Snowgoons, the German production crew (consisting of DJ’s Det, Illegal
and Waxwork) who have come to be known for their head-banging
international underground hip-hop collaborations with the best indie MC’s
around, announce a major step forward in their career. The Snowgoons are
officially launching their own record label “Goon Muzik” in a unique partnership
with iHipHop Distribution. With international physical and digital distribution,
control of their own record label and a fantastic, feature-filled fourth album to
kick things off, the Snowgoons, Goon Muzik and iHipHop Distribution are
proud to announce “The Trojan Horse,” available in stores and online October 27th.

The Snowgoons return to their time-tested formula on “The Trojan Horse,”
collaborating with such upper-echelon indie MCs as: La Coka Nostra (ILL Bill,
Everlast & Slaine), Heltah Skeltah (Ruck & Sean Price), Rakaa (Dilated
Peoples), Termanology, Sabac Red (Non Phixion), Young De, Freestyle
(Arsonists), Reef The Lost Cauze, Outerspace, King Syze, Block McCloud,
Chief Kamachi, Reks & many many more.

The first single off the album is titled “Hey Young World,” and features two of
Indie hip-hop’s most respected crews: La Coka Nostra and Heltah Skeltah.
With verses from ILL Bill, Everlast, Slaine, Ruck and Sean Price laced over
this track sings with the signature sound of the German production


ATMA - The Secrets of Meditation (2009)

1. (00:03:18) ATMA - Cosmogenesis
2. (00:03:36) ATMA Feat. Sick Since - The Halls Of Amenti
3. (00:04:34) ATMA - The Diamond Sutra
4. (00:04:40) ATMA - Solar Windz
5. (00:03:49) Rasul Allah, ATMA & Vega X - War of the Godz
6. (00:03:51) ATMA Feat. Sick Since & Sinister St. - The Brotherhood of Death
7. (00:05:12) Masta Buildas - Ancient Knowledge
8. (00:05:15) Masta Buildas - The Builderbergs
9. (00:02:50) ATMA - Vertigo
10. (00:03:57) Masta Buildas - Fire In The Sky
11. (00:02:30) ATMA & Apakalypse - Soul Bendaz (Prod. by STOUPE)
12. (00:04:54) Vega X, ATMA & Sick Since - Chamber of Immortals
13. (00:03:04) ATMA - Metagalactic Seraphim
14. (00:03:47) Masta Buildas - Fuck Y’all
15. (00:02:48) ATMA - The Equinox
16. (00:03:40) Masta Buildas - My Science
17. (00:03:17) Masta Buildas - Notice The Spirit
18. (00:03:12) ATMA & Illuminati Congo - Reptilian Body Snatchers
19. (00:05:49) Masta Buildas - Meditation Chant

Playing Time………: 01:14:03
Total Size………..: 97.42 MB

Vinnie Paz – Same Story (My Dedication)

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1.Vinnie Paz – Same Story (My Dedication)