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Maximus Da Mantis - One Nine Nine Five

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Ide & Skavenger Vs. Sick Jacken - The Legend Of The Mask And The Assassin Remixes (2009)

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"In an effort to promote the upcomming release: IDE & Skavenger - Addicted To The Vision (set to be released this December). IDE & Skavenger have remixed the DJ Muggs VS. Sick Jacken "The Legend of The Mask and The Assassin" LP. All 14 tracks were produced by IDE & Skavenger. They are giving this remix album as a FREE promotional download." More info here

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Message to the Other Side (Osirus Part 1) [2009]

01. Intro
02. Reunited
03. Live On The Air Pt. 1
04. Dirty
05. Child Seek Em (Feat. Pleaz)
06. Skrilla (Feat. RZA)
07. Wanna Bees (Feat. Pleaz)
08. Black Mamba (Feat. RZA & Masta Killa)
09. One Shot, Two Shot (Feat. Thirstin Howl The 3rd)
10. Got Love For You (Feat. J-Love & Meyhem Lauren)
11. Interlude
12. Say No
13. Live On The Air Pt. 2 (Feat. Method Man)
14. All Coast
15. Stomp (Feat. RZA)
16. Live On The Air Pt. 3 (Feat. RZA)
17. Bam Bam
18. Osirus
19. Hot Sauce (Feat. Timbo King)
20. Fort Green Projects (Feat. Free Murder, RZA & Shacrone)
21. Destiny (Feat. Lesk One)


Holocaust & American Poets 2099 - Theatre of Pain [2009]

The American Poets 2099 - History Of Poetry (Mixtape) [2009]

01. Purple Rose From Cyro (The Holocaust)
02. Holocaust Freestyle (The Holocaust)
03. Rumors Of War (The Holocaust And The Pro)
04. Harmonica (Vulgar The Pro Warcloud)
05. Gun Powder Keg (The Holocaust And The Pro)
06. Disaster Area (The Holocaust Sobretti Anti The Decimator The Pro)
07. Door Gunner (The Holocaust And The Pro)
08. Kane-Blue Tiger White Stripe (Q-Remix) (Nova)
09. What Can The Matter Be (Q-Remix) (The Holocaust)
10. Kane Crisis Ace Gauntlit-Sky Lab Artillery Crisis (Nova)
11. Hulk Smash (The Pro Atlantic Scrolls)
12. Kane-Your In 4 It (Nova)
13. Kane 60 Second Assassin Shorty Shit Stain Prodigal Sunn Irie-You Dont Know Me (Nova)
14. Why (The Pro And Atlantic Scrolls)
15. Super Villains (American Poets 2099)
16. Kane-Know The Names Sampler (The Pro And Nova)

Krohme - The Battle For 2012 (2008)

Size: 111 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. The Swan Song feat. Atari Blitzkrieg
2. Dark Water feat. Karniege, Atari Blitzkrieg & Little Indian
3. Knock ‘Em Out (War Torn Soldiers Edition) feat. Earatik Statik & Sean Price
4. 1 Time 4 Ya Mind feat. Dezert Eez
5. Ride or Die feat. Challace & Ron Artest
6. The Immortals feat. Sabac Red, Breez Evahflowin, Atari Blitzkrieg, Chavito, Clap Cognac & Chaotic <= THE BATTLE BEGINS!!! ::gun5::
7. Kill Humanati (Sweets to the Sweet Edition) feat. Breez Evahflowin
8. Omega Men or How I Learned to Hate This World
9. Time (The Battle for 2012) feat. Block McCloud & War Bixby
10. Circle of Lies (Eye of Providence Edition) feat. Chuck D. & The Impossebullz
11. Seyelintz or Veyelintz feat. Atari Blitzkrieg & LMNO
12. The Living Soul feat. Broady Champs
13. Signs of a Prophecy Emerging As the Truth feat. Virtuoso & RAVAGE the Meccagodzilla
14. The Next Chapter feat. Sabac Red
15. The Immortals (Underground United Edition) feat. Metafisix, Poetic Death, Tislam the Great, Upgrade, Serif, A.L. Laureate, Dynamek, Cno, MOD, Godsent, Flux, Eddyjay, Atherton & Po’Wit



Krohme - The Beasts Released Volume 1 South Of Heaven (2008)

Size: 148 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. Ab Initio
2. Think Twice - Performed by Rapper Big Pooh, Atari Blitzkrieg, Motion Man & Breez Evahflowin
3. Gotta Love Me - Performed by Trife Da God, Cappadonna & Krohme
4. Catch Me On Broadway Performed by Shyheim, Dom Pachino & Krohme
5. The Judgment - Performed by Lord Jamar & Atari Blitzkrieg
6. The Beasts Released
7. Goon Opera - Performed by Kool G Rap, Chino XL, C-Rayz Walz, Sean Price & Hell-Razah
8. Eye Can’t Sleep - Performed by Planetary & King Syze
9. Grizzly - Performed by Punchline, Chaundon, Torae, W. Gleamz, Smigg Dirtee, Drift & Krohme
10. Stand Up - Performed by Rampage, Chavito, Rack-Lo & Krohme
11. Set Me Free - Performed by Phil the Agony, Krondon, Clap Cognac, Krohme & Chico
12. Avoid the Static - Performed by Craig G, Beretta 9, Krohme, Atari Blitzkrieg, Reef the Lost Cauze & Block McCloud
13. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Performed by Hell-Razah, Krohme, 4-IZE and Psycho Les
14. Dominion - Performed by Verbal Kent, C-Rayz Walz & Copywrite
15. Blood Rites (Warriors Theme) - Performed by Twin Gambino, Sabac Red & Krohme
16. Ad Finem
17. Awaiting the Hour - Performed by Killah Priest & Ill Bill
18. Goon Opera (A Righteous Salvation Remix) - Performed by Kool G Rap, Chino XL, C-Rayz Walz, Sean Price & Hell-Razah
19. Retrospective Reflections Performed by Krohme



Warcloud - Unreleased (2001)

Size: 99 Mb, Quality: VBR

01 Almighty Black Knights (feat. Black Knights)
02 Crunch Time (feat. Black Knights)
03 Freestyle (feat. 12 O'Clock, Prodigal Sunn & Shyheim)
04 Kill Or Be Killed
05 Killa Cal Lifestyle (Original Version) (feat. Black Knights)
06 Knights Or Nuttin' (feat. Black Knights)
07 Life's Mysteries
08 Midnight In The Garden Of Good
09 Rumours Of War (feat. The Professional)
10 Sidewalk Monsters (feat. Parallax)
11 Urban Street Wars (feat. Black Knights)
12 The Holocaustic Period
13 The Persistence Of Memory
14 Untitled 1 (feat. Da Monstar Mob)
15 Untitled 2 (feat. Da Monstar Mob)
16 American Poets (feat. Da Monstar Mob)
17 Bluntz, Martiniz, Girlz & Gunz Original
18 Purple Hearts



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Dez Flight Presents Rap UnderWorld (Volume 2) (2009)

Size: 73 Mb, Quality: VBR

01-Verbal Kent & Kaz One - Remove The Gag (Feat. Ill Bill & Wordsworth)
02-Devamps - Burnt Bridges
03-Legendary - The Death Trap
04-Intel Agents - High Pressure
05-Gage-One - Dead Angel (12 Jewelz Remix) (Faet. Holocaust & Aslan).mp3
06-VODSOD Crew - Cannibal
07-Ill Bill & Apathy - Black Snow (Thomax Remix)
08-Diabolic - My Turn
09-Chain Of Command - Stress
10-Grime - The Revolution Is Here
11-Dim Mak - Ayo Ayo
12-Corey Red & Precise - Let There Be Light
13-Braille - Life Cipher
14-Empire - Path Of Destruction
15-Committee Gunmen - Straight Up Raw
16-Choo Biggz - Speak Softly (Anno Domini Prod)
17-Elemental Zazen - Handcuffs
18-Bambino - Street Theory



Brooklyn Academy -Summer School -2008

Size: 92 mb
Quality: 192 kb/s


1. Ashes feat. Tools and Mokeout (prod. by Thoro Tracks)
2. Role Call feat. Wordsworth (prod. by Khrysis)
3. Matters feat. Lego (prod. by Unknown)
4. My Life feat. Sha Stimuli (prod. by J. Cardim)
5. Doin’ It ‘08 feat. Fresh Jones (prod. by Brady Becklo)
6. Told U feat. Vinnie Paz (prod. by Ruler)
7. Funeral (prod. by Will Tell)
8. Fool’s Gold (prod. by Shuko)
9. Brooklyn Goonery feat. Poison Pen & Blitz (prod. by Etik n Clint)
10. Fiyah feat. Castro (prod. by I See On & Block McCloud)
11. The Last Passion (prod. by Snowgoons)
12. Seven Sins feat. Raw Dawgz & Killah Priest (prod. by Shawnecy)
13. Leaves in Autumn (prod. by Sick Doctor)
14. Park Slope Boys feat. Illzburry Doeboy (prod. Beat Brewers)
15. Bored of Education (prod. by Haze Attacks)
16. Haze Outro

Emesde - Dark Remixes-2008

Size: 48 mb
Quality: 256 kb/s


01_M.O.P - Let It Bang_(Emesde_remix)
02_Chino XL - Last Laugh_(Emesde_remix)
03_Canibus - How Come_(Emesde_remix)
04_Jedi Mind Tricks - Animal Rap_(Emesde_remix)
05_Freddie Foxxx - The Lah_(Emesde_remix)
06_Esoteric - Speaking The Real Words_(Emesde_remix)
07_Jedi Mind Tricks - Heaymetal Kings_(Emesde_remix)
08_Kool G Rap - On The Run_(Emesde_remix)

VA - Outerspace - On The Edge Mix Cd 2008

Size: 80 mb
Quality: 192 kb/s


01.Planetary - Dump The Clip (Ft. Esoteric & Celph Titled) 02:47
02.Crypt The Warchild - Rage Of Angels (Ft. Vinnie Paz) 03:23
03.Outerspace - Field Of Fire (Ft. Randam Luck) 05:55
04.Planetary - Strike Back 04:15
(Ft. Vinnie Paz, King Syze, Demoz & Esoteric)
05.Planetary - Storm Of Swords (Ft. Vinnie Paz) 04:00
06.Planetary - I Against I (Ft. Jedi Mind Tricks) 03:49
07.Planetary - Werk Of Art (Ft. Mesidge) 04:11
08.Outerspace - Terrordome (Ft. Brad Strut & Trem) 03:18
09.Crypt The Warchild - Murda Murda 03:41
(Ft. Des Devious & Celph Titled)
10.Crypt The Warchild - Turbulance (Ft. Caen Project) 03:40
11.Crypt The Warchild - Band Of Bros (Ft. King Syze) 04:25
12.Planetary - Werk Of Art RMX (Ft. Mesidge) 03:57
13.Planetary - The Onslaugh 04:40
(Ft. Vinnie Paz, King Syze & Sabac Red)
14.Planetary - Dont Cry (Ft. Vinnie Paz, Doap Nixon & Demoz) 04:42
15.Planetary - Murder Theme (Ft. Prime & Des Devious) 02:22

Unknow (2008)

Size: 43 mb
Quality: VBR kb/s


Block McCloud -Lost Soulz Retard Strength
Bloodline -Stab Woundz
Cross Continent Crew Sinners Life
Gutta (TSOI) -Guttzilla
Jedi Mind Tricks -Black Christmas (Remix)
King Magnetic -I Don't Know You
Knowledge (SB) -Catch Damage
Lord Lhus (BL) -On The Run
OuterSpace (AOTP) -Lost Battles
Psych Ward -Carrages For Coffins
Rhyme Asylum -Dawn Of A New Species
Savage Brothers -Fighting Devils
The Armada -Let'em Know
The Society Of Invisibles -Man In The Black Coat


1. Danny Diablo - Sex And Violence (feat. Everlast (of House Of Pain & La Coka Nostra) & Tim Armstrong)
2. Danny Diablo - Kill Em Dead
3. Danny Diablo - International Hardcore Star (feat. Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks))
4. Danny Diablo - Working Class (feat. Natasha Nicholson)
5. Danny Diablo - Cold Beer (feat. Prince Power Rule)
6. Danny Diablo - Give Me A Chance (feat. White Lion)
7. Danny Diablo - Blood Money
8. Danny Diablo - Don't You Want Me (feat. Natasha Nicholson)
9. Danny Diablo - Shot Gun Blast
10. Danny Diablo - P.S. I Love You
11. Danny Diablo - The Chosen Few (feat. Sick Jacken (of Psycho Realm), White Trash Rob & Jeff G)
12. Danny Diablo - 2 Hip (feat. Natasha Nicholson & Toby Morse)
13. Danny Diablo - Put Your Hands Up (feat. Big Left & Ceekay Jones)
14. Danny Diablo - Queens Killaz (feat. Prince Power Rule & Cynic)
15. Danny Diablo - Goodbye Farewell (feat. Toby Morse)
16. Danny Diablo - Supreme 1 The Alpha Male

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