jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Canibus - The Twelve Bisciples Mixtape

1.Tomorrow's World (Shan51)
2.I Thought Hip Hop Was The Language (Vorple & Bis)
3.The Fountainhead (JVLN FNGZ & Oobe/Judas)
4.The Beast (XPreNN) Produced by XPreNN
5.The Sea of Tranquility (Knowledge God, Vorple, Shan51)
6.The Mind of God (BaaL) Produced by DJ Karma Infinite
7.Broken TimeLine (Ferdowsi)
8.Return To Ripperland (Knowledge God)
9.Beautiful Mind by Design (Rip The Ripper)
10.Young Frankenstein (c0mpl3x)
11.4th Dimensional Melodies (Shan51 & XPreNN)
12.Focus On The Photograph (JVLN FNGZ)
13.Channel Zero Pt. 2 (Eyes Wide Shut)
14.C.I.F. D.R.E.A.M. (BaaL) Produced by Lord Zero
15.Invisible Thread (Knowledge God & Shan51)
16.Overload The EEG (c0mpl3x & Bis)
17.Rip Is Alive (Vorple)
18.Star Trip (Oobe/Judas)
19.Sol (Shan51 & c0mpl3x)
20.The Code (Lord Zero)

21.Starships (Knowledge God & BaaL)
22.Psalm 51 (Shan51) Produced by DJ Karma Infinite
23.Poet Laureate Infinity v007 (Bis)


Canibus - A World Without H8N (Ploo-Tape)

Album Tracklist

1.Intro 00:41
2.What Is It About PLoo? 01:20
3.Motivate Lyricism 01:23
4.Fresh Off The Mixing Board 02:45
5.With You PL oo 02:18
6.RTJ Tha Beast 01:06
7.So U All Can Remember 01:32
8.Outro 00:44 


Canibus - Evidence Of Infinity 2 - The HyperCube - By c0mpl3x



[ Tracklist ]

01.Metal Fingers & Hagakure - Chamber of Doom (Benzoin Gum Intro)
02.Ghostface Killah & DOOM - Angels
03.Ghostface Killah & John Robinson - 102 Jellyfish feat. Cappadonna and Trife Da God
04.Ghostface Killah - Alex (Stolen Script)
05.Masta Killa - E.N.Y. House
06.Hell Razah - Black Kingz
07.Hell Razah & Viktor Vaughn - Project Jazz
08.Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (2 Chambers Mix)
09.Metal Fingers & Hagakure - Message to Shaolin (Lovage Interlude)
10.Rza & King Ghidra - You Can't Stop Anti-Matter feat. Mr. Fantastik, MF DOOM & Inspectah Deck
11.Raekwon - Yessir!
12.Ghostface Killah - Underwater
13.Raekwon and Ghostface Killah - Criminology (Charnsuka Chamber)
14.Metal Fingers & Hagakure - Cinquefoil Training Interlude
15.DOOM & Ghostface Killah - Hey! Who Are We?
16.MF Grimm & Ghostface KIllah - 1000 Degrees of Gunz and Razors feat. Cappadonna & Killa Sin
17.John Robinson & Hell Razah - Black Gold (Rhythm and Poetry Remix)
18.Masta KIlla - Street Corners (MF Doom Remix) feat. Inspectah Deck & Gza
19.Raekwon & DOOM - Camay (Helpless Fool Remix) feat. Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah
20.Megalon - Rainblood pt. 3 feat. MF Grimm & Ghostface Killah
21.Metal Fingers & Hagakure - Where is Monsta Island?
22.Wu-tang Clan & M.I.C. - M.I.C vs The 9 Milli Bros
23.Ghostface KIllah - Mighty Healthy (Mullein Chamber)
24.Rza & DOOM - Biochemical Equation
25.Hagakure - Outro 


01 Intro
02 House of Flying Daggers
03 When the Fat Lady Sings
04 Last Call
05 Holla
06 The Wind Cries
07 What's Happenin'
08 10 Bricks
09 The Experience
10 Live Today
11 Hey Joe'
12 It's Not A Game
13 Street Rap
14 Kiss The Sky
15 KFF2000
16 PLO Style
17 I Can't Wait
18 Special Delivery
19 Summin' Gotz To Give
20 Vibrations
21 Dirty Fox
22 Tooken Back
23 Burning the Midnight Lamp
24 The Hood


ATROZ - La Sublime Martingala (2011)

ATROZ - La Sublime Martingala (2011)