jueves, 21 de enero de 2010




01. Lyrical Hustler
02. Garden of Eden feat. Hooverphonics
03. Numerology
04. The Ripper
05. Next Level Beasting
06. Let’s Keep It Real
07. Enzo Man feat. Pharrell Williams
08. Rap Legend
09. The Last Job
10. Battle Of Death
11. Zenith Dimension
12. Probable Infinity

Straight from the Fresh Coast, this isnt your normal Ploo mix cd. First off, these are Hi-fidelity songs and the vocals are chopped up beyond belief. High quality material right here, so be prepared, this might blow out ya speakers. This is how we be getting down in Killa Cali, from Crenshaw to Hollywood, this is a straight West Coast release, Reppin Los Angeles to all across the world. Secondly, Every song on this cd is mixed differently. Lyrically, flow-wide, they are all different. Thats the beauty of PLoo, is that there are so many hidden flows, its fun finding them all out. Deathwish is for those who didnt believe or think Ploo was really that lyrical, because it is. All the hardcore rhymes are hidden between each other, In the different layers. There are even a few storytelling songs on this CD, so listen carefully for that. Hopefully this cd will show some of the potential of how brilliant Ploo really is. Im not competing with anybody or any other mixers, I am merely showing my interpretation of infinity and trying to add on to all the great song and mixes that has been made already. Mixing is fun and I really tried to make this CD fun for the listener, making this the Canibus album that I have always wanted to hear.


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