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Artist: Warcloud as Alcatraz
Album: Welcome to Alcatraz (The Jigsaw Puzzle Mixtape)

Compiled by : Hagakure
Genre : Hip-Hop
Date : Sep-25-2010
Year : 2010
Encoder : Lame 3.97 V2 -vbr -new
Quality : 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Songs : 58
CD Songs : cd1: 36 cd2: 22
Playtime : cd1: 77:48 cd2: 63:14
Size : 323,9 MB
Type : Bootleg/Mixtape
Company : HGK
Language : English

[ ReleaseNotes ]
Promo Only
Warcloud as Alcatraz lyrics you couldn't figure yet..

[ GroupNews ]
Peace to CLX, BD1, KS, WTC, WSS, BND

[ Tracklist ]


01.welcome to alcatraz (intro)
02.daybreak apples
04.cyber tropic murder raps
05.dodger caps, yankee caps
06.mic wars
07.horror theatrical palace (feat. roadblock)
08.jigsaw puzzle snippet 1
09.weapon factory
10.hip hop the best part of every day
11.massacre junction
12.chronicles of beautiful musical (interlude)
13.stone boneyard
14.filthy bike chains
15.harmonica (feat. vulgar & the professional)
16.old gator men (feat. the professional)
17.creepin' (feat. da monstar mob)
18.i just laugh no one can defeat me
19.vocabulary superior mastering
20.credability (stack of pens) lantern resivior district (feat. the professional)
22.cold american beach
23.jigsaw puzzle snippet 2
24.warriors on the hill side
25.whoops i'm an indian (feat. the professional)
26.laboratory elequence (feat. the professional)
27.disaster area
28.paralysis pharmacies
29.alert the local watch
30.cyber tropic murder raps (unreleased original version)'s mysteries
32.white beach cruisers
33.sidewalk monsters
34.unpleasant as it seems happiness illudes me
35.the persistence of memory
36.escape from alcatraz (outro)


01.purple hearts (snippet re-intro) rhyme (feat. the professional)
03.doorgunner (feat. the professional & nu3tron)
04.emcees escape evasion
05.mystic eyes of vision
07.titanic (bible stories)
08.track list
09.hearts of darkness (feat. shabazz the disciple)
10.reaper grimm
11.ultra mega raw
12.the hidden fortress
13.gun grave
15.dead angel
16.unyding creatures
17.i catch fire
18.departed souls of kaos (outro)
19.rumours of war (feat. the professional)
20.purple rose from cyro
21.razor and a bat
22.hour of short film

Propz 2 Hagakure

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