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Virtuoso – Big Bangers Mixtape (Hosted by DJ On&On ‘n’ DJ Jayceeoh UGHH.COM EXCLUSIVE (2005)
Artist: Virtuoso
Album: Big Bangers ft. DJ On&On and DJ Jayceeoh
Year: 2005
Release Date: –/–/05
Ripped: 12/07/07
Grabbed with: EAC (latest)
Encoder: Lame (latest) VO
Bitrate: 192-224kbps V0
Total tracks: 20
Total files: 21
Total Size: 67.7MB (excluding Covers and NFO)


01-Intro (Hall of the Empire) ft. GZA
02-Virt Schilling ft. Virt Cobain
03-Cyclops Eyedrops ft. T-Ruckus
04-Bodies Drop ft. Slaine & E.O.W.
05-Propaganda (WW3 Exclusive)
06-Medal of Honor ft. Rip Shop & Percee P
07-On the Run Again ft. Jay-O & Del (WW2 new 12in)
08-Back to Basics ft. Big Virt
09-Uppercut ft. Rip Shop
10-Man of the Hour (WW2)
11-Big Bang Anthem ft. Virt Vonnegut
12-Speck of Dust ft. GZA
13-Yes Sir ft. No Doz & T-Ruckus
14-Breakbeat Lullaby ft. DL, No Doz & Exposition
15-Frankenrhyme ft. T-Ruckus
16-Crematorium (WW2)
17-Philistines (WW3 Exclusive)
18-V is for Virus (unreleased 2003)
19-Diary of Diatribes Pt.1
20-Holleration ft. On&On & Jayceeoh

Ripped by tha mutafukin’ Danksta using White Rhino X Mango

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