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Snake VS. Crane - Truth On The Table Vol.2 (Bonus Disc) [2009]

Snake VS. Crane - Truth On The Table Vol.2 [2009]

01. Truth on the Table (Contribution X)
02. Red Eye Prophet (Mad Preacher)
03. Novus Ordo Seclorum (8BZA)
04. Lessons (9th Scientist)
05. Chop Ya Head Off (JusP, Graveface, IcabodHeadlessChang)
06. Espiritus Del Grial (Erks, Sharon)
07. Bronson Vs. Kersey (Caligula)
08. Green Fatigues (80 Proof a.k.a. the Illa Instinct)
09. Hollowuing (Witchcraft, Cheena Black)
10. Odio Amore E Polizia (O.L.D. Atrdalong)
11. The Venom (Strangah)
12. Blinded People (Sound Survivors)
13. Hard Boiled (Mac Blaze)
14. Put it on the Table (John the Baptist)
15. Mystic Eyes of Visions (Sinister Stricken, Warcloud)
16. Mentalist (Van Ark, OZ)

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Snake VS. Crane - Truth On The Table Vol.1 [2008]

01. One Reason (Vendetta Kings)
02. Truth On The Table (Shadow Star)
03. Right In Front Of You (Constant Elevation)
04. Behind The Mask (Shogun Of Dark)
06. Merica (Akiladahun)
07. Gloomy Days (Last Bronzeman)
08. Bonesmen (Junclassic)
09. Maniac Root (Vice Vers)
10. Only Big Games (Safardic)
11. Paradigm (Vega X ft. EIAKwents)
12. Deep In Grey Matter (White Lotus)
13. Mission Impossible (Ebon)
14. Arabian Knights (La Onda)
15. Perpetual Optimism (EIAKwents)
16. Transconfiguration (Vega X ft. Sick Since)
17. Follow The Norm (Akiladahun)
18. Celestial Chamber (Abstrakkt & White Lotus Chief)
19. Gods Wrath (Nomad & Astrdalong)
20. Reticence (Nova Kane ft. Stranded)
21. New World (Shogun Of Dark)
22. Alone In The Streets (Remix) (Asharri The Vagabond)
23. Swinginґ Swords From Germany To Mexico (Abstrakkt ft. Explicito)
24. Truth Be Known (Ebon ft. Kaniero)
25. Revolution (Sound Survivors)


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