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Ol Dirty Bastard-Message To The Other Side(2009)

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01 06:08 Intro
02 04:10 Reunited
03 01:51 Live On The Air Pt. 1
04 03:41 Dirty
05 04:00 Child Seek Em Ft. Pleaz
06 02:58 Skrilla Ft. Rza
07 01:50 Wanna Bees Ft. Pleaz
08 02:38 Black Mamba Ft. Rza and Masta Killa
09 03:55 One Shot, Two Shot Ft. Thirstin Howl The 3rd
10 03:28 Got Love For You Ft. J-Love and Meyhem Lauren
11 00:15 Interlude
12 05:27 Say No
13 01:55 Live On The Air Pt. 2 Ft. Method Man
14 03:23 All Coast
15 02:48 Stomp Ft. Rza
16 03:05 Live On The Air Pt. 3 Ft. Rza
17 02:18 Bam Bam
18 02:28 Osirus
19 02:01 Hot Sauce Ft. Timbo King
20 02:30 Fort Green Projects Ft. Free Murder, Rza, and
21 03:01 Destiny Ft. Lesk One


When ODB died in 2004 he left behind a growing fan base and
a legacy as the most talented and unique of the entire Wu-
Tang Clan. “Message to the Other Side” is a collection of
all new unreleased tracks uncovered deep in the vaults of
the Wu-Tang chambers, featuring Wu-Tang Clan members RZA,
Method Man and Masta Killah. This is an official ODB album
and not a tribute album. This is ODB’s music raw and to the
point with Dirty’s family and the entire Wu-Tang Clan behind
him. A bonus to this package is a DVD with a 20 minute
excerpt of the soon to be released film “Dirty,” a full
length Rapumentary about ODB.

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