lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

L3athaL - Rip The Jacker After Infinity(PLooTape), Re-Uploaded

Canibus - Rip The Jacker After Infinity(L3athaL MixTape)
Track LIst
01.Put Em In The Sand Ft. Vinnie Paz(Blend)(4:22secs)
02.Rip the Jacker Into Chaos(RTJoo&Chaos Mix)(2:34secs)
03.Dead By Lines(Blend)(3:52secs)
04.Everythings Frozen(PLoo Mix)(2:46secs)
05.Rip The Jacker The Master(RTJoo&PLoo Mix)(3:14secs)
06.Beilvie That Ft. Ras Kass(PLooMix)(2:18secs)
07.Soul On Ice(PLoo Mix)(3:22secs)
08.Meshing Metaphors(PLoo Mix)(1:44secs)
09.Dark Rhymes(RTJoo&PLoo)(2:36secs)
10.Rise Of The Machine Ft. Vinnie Paz & Ras Kass(PLoo Mix)(5:14secs)
11.Dead By Time(Blend)(3:38secs)
12.Mixtape Assassin(RTJoo Mix)(4:17secs)
13.The Real Metaphoric White Wizard(PLoo Mix)(1:50secs)
14.Hell On Earth Pt.1 Ft. Ras Kass(PLoo Mix)(3:37secs)
15.Hell On Earth Pt.2 Ft. Ras Kass(Ploo Mix)(4:27secs)
16.Rip A Fucking Jacker(PLoo Mix)(3:38secs)
17.Judgement Day(RTJoo&PLoo Mix)(2:33secs)
18.E.T. Ft. Katy Perry(PLoo Mix)(6:00secs)
19.Suicide Ft. Ras Kass(PLoo Mix)(4:14secs)
20.Cash Flow Ft. Ras Kass(PLoo Mix)(2:58secs)
21.Words Of Ice(RTJoo Blend)(2:36secs)
22.Alone, My Soul Is Frozen(REMIX)(3:50secs)
23.The Moon Light Shark(REMIX)(2:15secs)
24.Lullaby Of Campions(Blend FF6Beat)(3:32secs)

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