lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Canibus - L3athaL - The Dark Assassin(PLooTape)

 Reduced: 66% of original size [ 600 x 600 ] - Click to view full image

TAPE FEATURES: DJ Kharma Infinite, Tussin, Infinite Phaze, C Logo, Rip The Ripper, Harjot, Shan51, Vorple, BaaL, & Layzie1999!!!

01L3athaL - Whats Thought(L3athaL PLooMix)
02L3athaL - The Beat(L3athaL & C Logo PLooMix)
03C Logo - You Started it - AUTOPSY REMIX(C Logo PLooMix REMIXED By. L3athaL)
04L3athaL - Get The Fuck Out The Booth(L3athaL NO BRAINER UNDERGODS BLEND)
05L3athaL - The Silence(L3athaL PLooMix)
06L3athaL - The Master's Apprentices - MARCH TO THE TRUMPET REMIX(L3athaL & Vorple PLoo Mix)
07L3athaL - The Best - LAGOON PARK REMIX(L3athaL PLoomix)
08L3athaL - The Real HyperCube(C Logo & L3athaL PLooMix)
09L3athaL - Infinity City(DJ Karma Infinite, Harjot, Shan51, Rip The Ripper, L3athaL, Vorple, BaaL, Tussin, Layzie1999(In Order)PLooMix(Beat By DJ Karma Infinite)
10L3athaL - The Power I Feel - THE ICE BOX REMIX(DJ KI & L3athaL PLooMix)
11Dj KI - Adversity (RTJIIoo Tribute) - Soldier Spy Remix 2 - Prod by Dj KI
12L3athaL - Electronic Failure(L3athaL SECRETWEAPON UNDERGODS BLEND)
13L3athaL - Rip Em Bis(L3athaL PLooMix)
14L3athaL - The Sun,Son Of Rap - JUDGEMENT DAY REMIX(L3athaL PLoo&RTJooMix)
15L3athaL - The Assassin(L3athaL PLooMix)
16PHAZE - Hot as the devil(PHAZE PLooMix)
17L3athaL - A Battle To The Death(L3athaL CPTN CLD CRSH BLEND)
18Tussin - Ripper's Anthem - The Best Of Rip Orbitally Re-arranged REMIX(Tussin PLooMix REMIXED By.L3athaL)


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