miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Revolution Of The Mind - Honor In Sin 2011

01. New Mourning (prod. Malaguti of F.A.M.E.)
02. Day That I Die (prod. Keelay & Zaire)
03. Home Invasion (feat. Outerspace) (prod. SickNature of Snowgoons)
04. Block’s Conscience (prod. Keelay & Zaire)
05. Die for My People (prod. Snowgoons)
06. Pay Dues (feat. Sabac Red) (prod. Adikt 1)
07. Gun Talk II (prod. Dfi)
08. They Must All… (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze) (prod. Keelay & Zaire)
09. The Big Pharma (feat. Sabac Red) (prod. Dfi)
10. All We Ask Is Trust (prod. Snowgoons)
11. The Machine (prod. SickNature of Snowgoons)
12. In His Name (prod. SickNature of Snowgoons)
13. Ain’t Seen Me Since (feat. Kahlee & Uptown Swuite of The Seed) (prod. SickNature of Snowgoons)
14. Honor in Sin (prod. Dfi)
15. Bonus Track: Rise Again (prod. Dfi)


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