miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

Si-Klon - The Dark Sun (2009)

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As Si-Klon’s first professional LP, those who have followed his past work know how much passion this artist puts into his music. Since 2005 when Si-Klon’s music started to go worldwide (especially in places such as France) music is something he cannot resist. Doing his music mainly for his fans he has been able to reach the Dark Mystic/Psychedelic side of the underground which is rarely ever touched by any other artist. He only hopes his listeners can enjoy this Mayan influenced project. It is the beginning step to a majestic evolution in Mystic Underground Rap.
01 Inner Voice [Intro]
02 Visionary Solace
03 Mystic Revelation
04 Projected Slaughter (feat. Judgement)
05 Meditated Resurrection
06 The Dark Sun Set
07 Ruthless Downpour
08 Energy Of Rhythm (feat. Kaniero)
09 The Seventh Physical Dream
10 Pleasant Retaliation
11 Bloodthirsty Psychosis
12 March Of Thunder (feat. Canibus)
13 Pitch Red Eclipse (feat. Rasul Allah)
14 Telekinetic Atmosphere
15 Endless Labyrinth (feat. Shadow)

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