miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2012


01. The Wu Tang Clan f. Kool G Rap - Rivers of Blood
02. Aslan - The Sun Of Man Mus Suffa ft Shabazz The Disciple & Heaven Razah
03. Son of Saturn & Apakalypse - You Can't Fathom Ft. ATMA
04. Warcloud a.k.a Holocaust - Doomsday (ft. Killarmy)
05. Masta Buildas - Blood & Guts
06. Ronin Monks Dark Blade - Mind beat by Bikhsu
07. Ce-Sektion - Sleep Walker
08. Si-Klon - Sky Watchers ft. Life Scientist and DJ Twisted
09. Da Monstar Mob - I Throw Fire
10. Omen Ra, Ra The Rugged Man & Tragedy Khadafi - No Trivia [Omni3 Remix]
11. Tragic Allies & Vendetta Kings - Wayz Of The World
12. Apakalypse - Rampage Feat. Rook Da Ruckus
13. The Wu Tang Clan - Six Directions of Boxing
14. Onse TSW CREW Ft The Jotaka - Retrospective Cutz By dj Coach OneProd Phobos
15. Erks Orion & Bliss - Martyrs
16. Antraz - Conflitos Urbanos
17. Fubar & Supreme the Truth - Tears of God [Beat by Shu Melody]
18. El Alfarero - Cartas a la verdad

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