miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Amos The Ancient Prophet By HemzoneH (Temas Sueltos)

01. Chamber Of The Immortals feat. Vega X, ATMA & Sick Since
02. Corinthians Feat Warcloud & Bombshot
03. Amos The Ancient Prophet - 6th Kingdom Ft DeeWuallah
04. The Architects (Prod. by Amos The Ancien Prophet)
05. Haunted Circus feat. Dark Energy
06. The Destroyer Of Worlds
07. Prophets Of The Apocalypse feat. Holocaust & ATMA (Cutz by DJ Extremidiz)
08. Murderers From Beyond Ft. Sick Since, Se7enSandMan Prod by Amos The Ancient Prophet
09. Guardians Of The WatchTower feat. Jotaka & Explicito
10. Disciples Of Babylon feat. Omen​-​Ra, Cosmic Crusader, Rasul Allah, ATMA & Son Of Saturn
11. Lament Configuration feat. Beretta 9 & Sick Since (Cutz by DJ Extremidiz)
12. Timbo King & Solomon Childs + Amos The Ancient Prophet & Sinister Stricken -Triumph & Tragedy
13. Wu Disciples feat. One Man Army & Dark Energy
14. The Mask Of Red Death feat. Jotaka & Explicito
15. Arctic Warrior feat. Bomshot & Holocaust
16. Veteran MC's Feat. Fatha Death, En V, & Frieze

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