jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Canibus - The Twelve Bisciples Mixtape

1.Tomorrow's World (Shan51)
2.I Thought Hip Hop Was The Language (Vorple & Bis)
3.The Fountainhead (JVLN FNGZ & Oobe/Judas)
4.The Beast (XPreNN) Produced by XPreNN
5.The Sea of Tranquility (Knowledge God, Vorple, Shan51)
6.The Mind of God (BaaL) Produced by DJ Karma Infinite
7.Broken TimeLine (Ferdowsi)
8.Return To Ripperland (Knowledge God)
9.Beautiful Mind by Design (Rip The Ripper)
10.Young Frankenstein (c0mpl3x)
11.4th Dimensional Melodies (Shan51 & XPreNN)
12.Focus On The Photograph (JVLN FNGZ)
13.Channel Zero Pt. 2 (Eyes Wide Shut)
14.C.I.F. D.R.E.A.M. (BaaL) Produced by Lord Zero
15.Invisible Thread (Knowledge God & Shan51)
16.Overload The EEG (c0mpl3x & Bis)
17.Rip Is Alive (Vorple)
18.Star Trip (Oobe/Judas)
19.Sol (Shan51 & c0mpl3x)
20.The Code (Lord Zero)

21.Starships (Knowledge God & BaaL)
22.Psalm 51 (Shan51) Produced by DJ Karma Infinite
23.Poet Laureate Infinity v007 (Bis)


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