domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

DARK SKINNED ASSASSIN - Split Personali-D (2009)


01: Keep It In Da Street (feat. Blackk Starr, Young G)
02: We Run It
03: Get It Straight (feat. Blackk Starr, Haxaw)
04: No More Games
05: Real Wit It (feat. Yaniece, Fresh Jones)
06: I’m Down (feat. Block McCloud, Blackk Starr)
07: M.O.N.E.Y.
08: Stick Up Chronicles (feat. Blackk Starr, Blackk Money, Young G)
09: So Close
10: Quiver
11: Move Me
12: We Not Yall (feat. 7OD, Block McCloud)
13: Lay Em Down (feat. Stretch Strong Arm, Blackk Starr)
14: NY Get It In (feat. Block McCloud, Blackk Starr, Castro)
15: Be Serious (feat. Block McCloud)
16: You Didn’t Know
17: It’s Mine
18: P.R.O.
19: The Don’ts (feat. Blackk Star)
20: The Wake up Show (feat. Block McCloud)

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