jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Diabolic - Liar & A Thief (PROMO)Artist: Diabolic
Album: Liar & A Thief
Release Date: 04-06-2010
01. Stand By
02. Frontlines (featuring Immortal Technique)
03. Riot (featuring Deadly Hunta & John Otto)
04. Reasons
05. Soldier's Logic
06. Order & Chaos (featuring ILL Bill)
07. I Don't Wanna Rhyme
08. Truth (Part 2)
09. Nicolai Ros to the Goul (Interlude)
10. Not Again (featuring Vinnie Paz of JMT)
11. Loose Cannon
12. 12 Shots (featuring Nate Augustus)
13. In Common (featuring Canibus)
14. Modern Day Future (featuring Deadly Hunta)
15. Behind Bars
16. Right Here
17. Self Destruction (Outro)



About Diabolic:
Diabolic's long awaited debut album "Liar & A Thief" incorporates various ideals sought by music enthusiasts who hunger for an aggressive visual depiction of life by an authentic Hip-Hop artist.
Flooded with powerful boom bap & cinematic instrumentals,
Diabolic tears through a wide range of subjects with the same commitment to lyricism, which when combined with his style creates a sound that appears no more than once a decade.
This is a rapper's rapper, a no-hold-barred lyricist whose vivid use of words
can send a shiver down your spine, make you laugh or simply cause you to incite a riot in the streets.

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