jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Pale Soul (of Oldominion) - No One Gets Out Alive (2009)


1. Still I Love (intro)
2. Blade Runner
3. Marmalade (music by Relox of Cash Converterz)
4. Bad Medicine (feat. Romulis Ceasar)
5. Ride & Get High (feat. Sick Aura & Scotty Del)
6. 6 million ways to die
7. Jimmy Fingaz Anthem (feat DJ Chango)
8. City of Roses (feat Sick Aura)
9. Hold Tight (feat Sick Aura)
10. My Brothers Keeper (feat Rocket One & Syndel of Oldominion)
11. Hand that Feeds Ya (feat Onry Ozzborn)
12. Records and my Radio
13. It ain't Over (feat Sick Aura)
14. Let Go Move Forward (feat. Sick Aura)
15. Fi De Paper (feat. Sick Aura)
16. No One Gets Out Alive
17. Off The Deep End


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