domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Creative Juices - Endless Varieties 2(2009)

1-Mista Sinista - Get Loose Intro (prod. Kryptonite)
2-Breez Evahflowin - Ongoing (prod. IDE)
3-Ill Bill and Brooklyn Academy - I’m From Brooklyn (prod. Al’Tarba)
4-Alucard and Savage Messiah - False Idols (prod. IDE)
5-Thirstin Owl The 3rd - Thirsty Thirsty (prod.Anger Banger)
6-IDE, Alucard and Critical - Coffin (prod. Kryptonite)
7-Yah Yah - New Skit
8-Steele,Casual,UG and Prince Ali - My Soldiers (prod. IDE)
9-Little Vic - Sister Morphine (prod. Sly Vest)
10-Shabam Sahdeeq - Old Beginings (prod. Kryptonite)
11-Alucard and Critical - Dark Arts (prod. IDE)
12-MAN N ROCK and Jade Foxx - Overqualified (prod. Real6)
13-Block Mcloud, War Bixby and Fresh Jones of Lost Soulz - U-N-I Verse (prod. IDE)
14.-Abnormal, L.I.F.E Long, Lush One, Iron Solomon, Mazzi, Swave Sevah and Jise 1 - Raise It Up (prod. IDE bass by Whitey Mc Kracker)
15-Prince Ali, Keith Murray, Casual and Planet Asia - The Majors (prod. Skavengers)
16-Many Styles - Day By Day (prod. IDE)
17-Savage Messiah and Invisible Hands - Uptown Saturday Night 02 (Dusty Mix) (prod. Savage Messiah)
18-UG Freestyle (prod IDE)
19-Necro (prod Necro)
20-Ide Alucard and Jak Progresso - Hellbent3 (prod. Jak P and IDE bass by Getty Free)
21-L.I.F.E. Long, Respect and Star - G.O.D. (prod. IDE)
22-Mainflow - Creative Juices (prod Kryptonite)
23-S.O.U.L. Purpose - Dip Dip Dive (prod IDE)
24-IDE and Alucard - Unlike The Rest (prod. Influence)
25-Dark Water (of The Society Of the Invisibles) - I before You (prod . The Premonist)
26-Armored Chest Architect & 2 Ugli - Cali Culture Chiefing (prod Malakye)


Thanks To Creative Juices Music


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