miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Blue Sky Black Death - Rebel to the Grain/Slapbox with Jesus 2009

“Blue Sky Black Death: Slapbox With Jesus/Rebel To The Grain Paying homage to the music that inspired them, Blue Sky Black Death have used the original source material sampled for some of the Wu-Tang Clan’s seminal recordings to create two original pieces. The first, “Slapbox With Jesus,” captures the frenetic energy of early Wu-Tang singles, layering sample upon sample to create a track that resembles a DJ mix as much as a studio production. “Rebel To The Grain” brings a distinctly downtempo element to the familiar Shaolin sound, as Kingston and Young God build huge horn and organ swells over thick drums. A must for hip-hop fans of any school.”

1.Rebel To The Grain
2.Slapbox With Jesus

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