miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

Poor Man Militia 2004 tha album ( tha wu tang from canada )


Poor Man Militia is a network of artists from Toronto, Canada, that strives to illustrate the harsh realities of the world they live in. P.M.M is determined to abolish all negative stereo-types/misconceptions targeted at Canadian hip-hop. Members include Unknown Mizery, Logical Ethix, Kaotny, Street Congress, Crucial The Guillotine, Crooks Of Da Round Table and Tribesmen with The Arkeologists on production.

01. Intro
02. Victims
03. Street Mutts
04. Fantino
05. Richman/Poorman
06. Gram N A Half
07. What In The World
08. Newspaper Nap
09. Fire Face
10. Robbery
11. R.I.P.
12. Aftertaste
13. Bad Mood
14. Stay Calm
15. Alleywalk
16. I’m Sorry
17. The Rundown
18. Still Thinkin’

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