lunes, 5 de enero de 2009

Cilvaringz vs The Wu : Throwing Darts At The Temple

01. Intro
02. Bloodthirsty shogun vs Underneath the surface
03. Death chamber vs Mighty deadly
04. Western woods vs Breaker breaker
05. A love story vs Delilah
06. Village of the damned vs Ghetto apostles
07. Fallen angel vs The hood
08. The arena vs I want it all
09. The headless horseman vs Catechism
10. The sword of El Cid vs Fuck Americcca (live)
11. Digital warfare vs Now that I'm free
12. Wu semantics vs Third world
13. IQ vs Shimmy shimmy ya
14. Laughter vs Conscious of sin
15. Killer beez vs The shootout vs Go hard
16. Into My Life (You Came) vs Radio skit
17. Outro
18. Bonus Track 1 - The sword of El Cid vs Sinuhes impasse
19. Bonus track 2 - Into my life ( you came ) vs No said date

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