martes, 24 de julio de 2007

Black Metal

La Coka Nostra Presents Ill Bill (2007) Black Metal
The new Common album leaked, but I'm not going to download/upload it since I'm waiting for the release date to buy it, if you still want it it won't be very hard to find, just check the links (2 in every 5 blogs must got it).

New mixtape by Ill Bill, where La Coka Nostra’s Everlast, Slaine, Big Left and DJ Lethal appear throughout the release, but the focus is on fellow crew member and former Non Phixion front man ILL BILL. While awaiting his own sophomore solo release The Hour Of Reprisal, BILL is represented on every track on Black Metal along with guest appearances. With production from ILL BILL himself, DJ Lethal, MoSS, Sicknature, Khrome, Will Fulton, DJ FM, Q-Unique and Dug Infinite, this album is a must have for all the La Coka heads representing hardcore Hip Hop in 2007.

01. Ill Bill - Black Metal (feat. Q-Unique & Sick Jacken)
02. Ill Bill - Charlie Vs. Geraldo 1 (Skit)
03. La Coka Nostra - Soldiers Of Fortune
04. Ill Bill - Awaiting The Hour (feat. Killah Priest)
05. Ill Bill - Ten Wheel Drive (feat. Cynic & Sick Jacken)
06. Ill Bill - Come One, Come All (feat. Styles P)
07. Ill Bill - Lord Of War (Skit)
08. La Coka Nostra - Where Hope Goes To Die
09. Ill Bill - Apocalypse Now (feat. Q-Unique & Sick Jacken)
10. La Coka Nostra - Broken Pieces (feat. Jeru The Damaja)
11. Ill Bill - Charlie Vs. Geraldo 2 (Skit)
12. Ill Bill - Darkness Deepens (feat. Sabac & Slaine)
13. Ill Bill - Don't Touch That Dial (feat. Q-Unique)
14. Ill Bill - I'm From Brooklyn (feat. Brooklyn Academy)
15. Ill Bill - Don's Guns (Skit)
16. La Coka Nostra - Get Outta My Way
17. Ill Bill - The 3 Wise Men (feat. O.C. & Jeru The Damaja)
18. Ill Bill - Charlie Vs. Geraldo 3 (Skit)

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